Coaching and Tutoring Services


How can I help my struggling learner?

What do these test results mean?

How do I teach my struggling learner?

What curriculum should I use?

Many parents contact me and aren’t ready to do educational therapy, but need advice on how to help their struggling learner. Sometimes test results bring more confusion than answers. Whatever questions you have, our team can help!  Consultations are one-time meetings.



We recognize that the learning process begins and continues with you the parent.  We want to give you the tools to help your child be successful!

Executive Function Coaching

We use an evidence-based coaching model to help students with executive functioning issues. This is beneficial for students whose academic performance is struggling due to these issues, which can include: time and task management, planning, organization, impulse control, and emotional regulation.

Homeschool Coaching

Year-round guidance for families who need help choosing and implementing curriculum.  Not only do we work together to create a plan for the year, we help you stay on track.

Special Needs Academic Coaching

After diagnosis, we are there to help with the next steps. Does your child need an IEP? What is an IEP? We can help with personalized IEP goals, accommodations and modifications, curriculum help, recommendations for grading, along with instructional strategies and visual aids.

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