Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy is a one-on-one, individualized cognitive program.

What isEducational Therapy?

I recently did a Facebook live video explaining how therapy is different from tutoring. We use a method not of teaching or reteaching concepts, but of leading a child through a discovery process to learn information. We teach children how to think, not what to think.

Sessions are one and a half hours long, with two sessions a week. During the school year, we plan on 60 sessions a year which includes initial and annual testing (That value alone is worth close to $1,000 and is included in your monthly fees – so basically, you get the testing free! *note: this is academic testing – not cognitive or IQ testing).  Each session is $90. I know this is an investment for families, but it is so important to get your child the help he/she needs. I have some creative options to help get the monthly cost down if needed. I don’t want students to miss getting the help they need because of finances. Contact me for a free consultation to see if this is the right program for your child.

Payments are made monthly, due the first of the month. Checks, cash, credit cards, and PayPal are welcome.