Are you interested in Educational Therapy, but don’t live near me? The same activities we do in Educational Therapy can now be done virtually in Teletherapy!

How does it work? Everything is the same as in Educational Therapy (length of session, number of sessions, and payment) except we interact through the computer using cameras. I create a session in a secure connection through a virtual classroom. You’re sent a link with the time of the session, a username, and password. Click the link, log onto the site, and it’s done! The first time you will have to download the program and take a few steps to launch it, but it walks you through each step and only takes five minutes or less.

Once you enter the virtual classroom, I will guide the session with cameras and a slide presentation so we can interact and even play games through the computer. A second camera (students do need to purchase their own) shows the workstation so I can see what they are working on.

Are you curious to see how Telethearpy works? Contact me (or email for a free consultation and informational tele-conference!