Do you want to know where your child is academically?

Testing services provided:

Woodcock-Johnson® IV Assessment

This comprehensive test allows us to evaluate learning problems, prescribe individualized intervention and measure progress. The WJ IV emphasizes the identification of strengths and weaknesses in student thinking by providing comparisons between the student and other students the same age or in the same grade, as well as providing a way to measure progress over the course of intervention.

Test takes around 4 hours to administer and comes with a full report along with curriculum suggestions, at home activities, and helpful teaching tips. Also included is a conference to explain results.


Feifer Assessment of Reading

The FAR is a comprehensive assessment of reading and related processes that will help us determine the student’s specific subtype of reading impairment in order to make decisions about appropriate interventions. This test takes a neurodevelopmental approach to reading, which examines parts of the reading process such as phonemic awareness, fluency, decoding, and comprehension. It is based on the premise that treatments for reading disorders vary by dyslexic subtype, with four specific subtypes addressed: dysphonetic dyslexia, surface dyslexia, mixed dyslexia, and reading comprehension skills.

Test takes 2 hours to administer and comes with a computer generated report.


Feifer Assessment of Math

The FAM is a comprehensive assessment of mathematics designed to examine the underlying neurodevelopmental processes that support the acquisition of proficient math skills. It is unique in that it helps you identify specific subtypes of dyscalculia to help inform intervention decision making. The test comprises 19 individual subtests measuring various aspects of math fact retrieval, numeric and spatial memory, perceptual estimation skills, linguistic math concepts, and core number sense development. Yields three index scores representing each dyscalculia subtype (Verbal Index, Procedural Index, and Semantic Index) as well as a Total Index score that represents total test performance.

Test takes one hour to administer and comes with a computer generated report.


WJ and 1 test: $450

WJ and 2 tests: $550

FAM and FAR: $225

A report from WJ and FAR including a result that shows they are a struggling reader can be presented to Bookshare or Learning Ally to receive services. I can not commit that they will be accepted, but some parents using my testing services have successfully been accepted for these programs.

Contact me for available testing dates. Payments can be made in full or with a plan. Checks, cash, credit cards, and PayPal are welcome.

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